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3rd Level Education in Africa

GE&NE brings together experts willing to volunteer two weeks of their time to teach courses requested by African Universities.

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GE&NE Africa


The Global Education & Networking Exchange (GE&NE) is a non-profit organization whose sole goal is to improve 3rd Level education and educational networking in Africa.


A workforce, educated and interacting with the best Universities in the world will have the potential to tackle problems and transform African society.

Donate Empathy

We are three individuals endeavouring to give others life changing opportunities. It is our dream, make it yours.

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We request you volunteer just two weeks to teach in an African University. It will change the lives of many, including your own.

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Anything you give will be appreciated. Just €500 or $500 will cover the airfare. Teaching is free.

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Lastest news from GE&NE

  • Liam teaches Molecular Biology
    Teaching in Addis Ababa

    Teaching Gene Expression in Addis Ababa. The classes were attended by PhD students from Biotechnology and from Medicine. We went through much on Lewin...

  • Liam in Rift Valley
    Amazing weekend

    Weekend trip to the Ethiopian Rift Valley The majority of visitors to Addis Ababa go north to visit the Western Highlands where the water flows west t...

  • Ennio teaches a course on immunology to a class at the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Addis Ababa, January 2016
    Let’s to do some science !

    The Molecular and Cellular Immunology Course at Institute of Biotechnology Addis Ababa University 9-19 Jan 2016. By Ennio Carbone The Immunology cours...

The Globoal Education and Networking Exchange,GE&NE Africa or GENE Africa, is non-for-profit organization which connects African Universities with scientific experts worldwide to improve 3rd level education and educational networking in Africa, through the organization of PhD courses and summer schools. Based in Perpignan, France, Gene Africa gather experts from a broad range of research areas, including biochemistry, bioinformatics, immunology, molecular biology, stem cells, transcriptomics, virology...